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You Never Know Who You've Touched
This page is here for a number of reasons...  The most important one is that I believe it will show you, that you never know who you touch.

In the Social Networks, I hear people sometimes talk about deleting people on their friends lists, that they haven't heard from... Or seldom hear from.   I hope that when you read  these messages, that you will understand why not to do that.
Kindness matters...
I also believe that there are inspirations here.  Just because you are one person, doesn't mean that you aren't making a difference in many lives.  True happiness comes when we stop looking at ourselves and start looking outward.

Ask the question, "How can I help?"   Usually that alone helps.  People understand that you care and sometimes that's all they need.  If it's more than that, be willing to give your time and be willing to share what you can.  The people that share the Earth with you, are your brothers.
With that said... Below I will share with you some of the reasons that I say, "I get back more than I could ever give."
Hi Kelly Anne,
Unfortunately at this stage of my life I have
no beautiful images to send to you but I can
send you this...

You come to me in times unexpected,
When life is tough and sometimes hectic,
Out of the blue, in comes you,
To shed light in a world so dark.

My vocation in life has led me to Iraq,
My wife and children crave for me
They pray for me to return home free
Yet the deeper I get, more attached I become.

To go home is an easy choice for some.
I look at the colors you send, so so bright
and wonder if the choices I make are right.
No matter though, I am happy and satisfied

The people I help know I am right,
In their eyes I see the love and thanks,
Even through the fear of the tanks.
Your smile to me is what I am to them.

Hope of joy, faith and love, for all to unite.
Thanks for keeping me in your mind
Your beautiful image settles mine
Peace to you my friend with love I write.
~ D.
Dear Kelly Anne,
I just had to tell you how much you have helped me this last 1 to 1 1/2 years.

July 2005 I started taking care of my big sister, Michele.  She found out she had lung cancer and we all were so very heart broken. I went with her to every doctor appointment and cared for her through her Chemo and Radiation...  until she passed away.

Then, my big brother came down with Lung Cancer six months after Michele passed away.

You have continued to send me heart warming emails (not even knowing what was going on)
and made me feel that there are people who are
wonderful and care about others.

You needed to know what a difference you have made to me.  Thank You Kelly Anne. Thank you for being my friend.

Love and Peace,
~ K.
Kelly Anne, Kelly Anne
If you can't do it no one can
Bring love to every heart?
Let's start.
Bring peace to every soul?
That's my goal.
Bring a smile to every face?
Let's do it at my place.
Kelly Anne, Kelly Anne
If we can't do it no one can
Through fair or tempest weather
Let's all do it together!
~ A.C.
Givers are the lonely ones
Prone to hurt and grieve
Yet givers are the hands of God
And not those that receive.
They toil and try to push the rock
Way up the tilted hill
And times forget the joy they give
Is lost when things are still
Kelly Anne you are a smile
To those who know you not
We vainly wish that we were you
to share the love you've got.
~ H.
You are a candle
whose flickering flame
fills the darkness
with such brilliance
that the sun sets
in awe and the moon
and the stars are
aglow in wonder.
My Heart is full of warmth for you,
I hope that yours is the same way too.

I see you in the morning light,
It fills me up with pure Delight.

You have a smile that lights my way,
With such green eyes to guide my day.

You have the grace of noble queens,
You'll always be within my Dreams.
~ S.M.
Kelly Anne, she comes bearing peace,
sparkling ever bright, her loving light...
Rainbow coloured sweet delight.

Love is everywhere, on star filled nights.
And magic really happens, across the crystal sea,
For with Kelly Anne,  peace it comes for free....
~ T
Things I know I may not tell
apart she could not stay.
A girl I saw on a computer screen,
close yet far away.

If it rains or if it shines,
I really do not care.
She came to me,
one strange day,
with a flower in her hair.

She spoke of peace and rainbow feasts,
And love that just might last.
Some thought her message simple
but in my heart...
I could grasp.

Peace is soft.
Peace is loud.
Peace is faraway.
But if we invite it in~
I think...
it just might come to stay.
~ C.
Dearest Kelly,
When I think of you
a golden light flows in my mind and I am happy to be alive.

You give so much of yourself
to so many...  Your family,
friends and so many lives touched you don't even know.
Like the sun letting your light shine.

In the presence of your spirit
my deficiencies melt like butter in a pan waiting for mushrooms.
I relax and my joy mushrooms~
like the blessed rush of spring.
Your example inspires me
to strive to be... A true man~
Of Peace.
~ W.
Dear Sweet Kelly Anne,
I can't really begin to tell you how you lighten my life with joy and happiness. You are a precious treasure for me and I am sure for many others too.
Thank you for being here.

You help me see clearly the path everyday with your messages of hope, love, and peace; you are a blessing in my life.
Peace and Love and Flowers,
~ J.S.
Kelly Anne,
Thank you for being so gracious
and stoppin' in to say hi.
It's nice to see your smiling face
It always gets me high.
So fly on wings, soul in rapture
and hail the morning star.
I guess we'll  keep on going...
We've already gone so far.
Let your spirit sore~
and rock into the wind,
Because the end is just a beginning
and the beginning just an end.
~ C.
Who Am I
Who am I to say that
the sky is less restless
when you smile
or that the stars flicker brighter
or that the moon
seems to dance
who am I to say such things

who am I to say
that the word is better for your spirit
just a friend
just a far away voice
but not so far away
not to notice such things.
~ Chris Boone
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