The following guide lines are to be followed. 

*  Do not upload our images anywhere.  We have codes in place, so there is no need to do that.

  Do not alter the images.

  Do not sell our images nor place them on products for sale.

If you use our images as a comment in a Social Network, nothing  is required.

If you post them on your website or blog, a back link is required.
  (See our Linking Options page).

Please Note that it is our policy to file a DMCA notice in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 if our copyright is infringed.
Terms of Use
Please Respect Our Copyright
There are no ads on The PeaceArtSite.  The art is created to

share in Social Networks with hope that thoughts of Peace will be inspired and shared.  The images aren't signed and there are no logo's or water marking on them.  The images in our galleries are our gift to those who want to help keep Peace visible.

There is no monetary gain for PeaceArtSite, nor do we seek one.  Please follow the minimal requests within our copyright, so that we can continue to offer you images without a logo or watermark.
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